"I was having some trouble with communication in one of my relationships and it was causing me a lot of anxiety. . . Dick Mattila was very helpful and his guidance allowed me to gain perspective and look at the situation in a healthy way by learning to ask the right questions and address the problem. This allowed me to gain greater clarity in the situation. . . I would highly recommend him."
“I served alongside Dick in ministry for years while he was senior pastor and saw firsthand his ability to connect, counsel and mentor people from all walks of life. He has a gift of providing practical support and counsel that empowers individuals, couples and families towards a better version of themselves.” 
"Dick's combination of broad professional training and thoughtful clarifying questions helped me understand and untangle problems I've struggled with for years. With his help I'm enjoying new personal freedom and a healthier life."

“Having met with Dick on more than one occasion and during more than several seasons of my life, I highly recommend using Him. He is easy to talk with and makes it comfortable to open up, something not always easy for a man.  I feel this is an important factor in seeking a counselor.”

Dick will listen intently to your concerns, offer tons of empathy for your plight, but won't hesitate to gently challenge those beliefs or practices that make your life miserable. I recommend him highly and without reservation. ~~retired marriage and family therapist